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Foot massage therapist analysis of a ...

Foot massage therapist analysis of a variety of commonly used methods

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1.The basic method - rolling method

Action Request:

(1) finger natural twists and turns, with the first 5 metacarpophalangeal joint dorsal suction set at the treatment site or acupuncture points.

(2) to the elbow as the fulcrum, forearm swinging automatically, the flexion and extension of the femoral wrist and forearm rotation.

(3) the doctor's shoulder to relax and flexion, abduction, so that the arm elbow and chest arm separated by about 375px, too close or too far are not conducive to the method of operation and force.

(4) elbow flexion, into 120 ° ~ 150 °, the view is too large is not conducive to the rotation of the forearm.

(5) to relax the wrist, flexion and downs to large ups and downs, the method of rolling control in the I20 °, wrist flexion 80 ° ~ 90 °.

(6) the first 5 metacarpophalangeal joints to absorb, and the dorsal palm of the dorsal to absorb the healing part of the site, not dragging, beating and sliding.


Action process:


Top step: the attitude of preparation, shoulder and arm relaxation, Shen Jian elbow, elbow flexed about 130 °, placed in front of the body side.

The second step: the back of the hand roll control when the ups and downs in the 120 °, wrist joint when the forearm external rotation of about 80 °.

The third step: wrist extension when the forearm rotation inward rolling about 40 °.

Action method:


Rolling method of operation to relax the wrist, grasp the empty fist, rolling, the small fish and palm back to the force, and the treatment of parts close to each other, not beating, drag, rolling, rolling tightly, that roll faster, and move To slow, move the ups and downs to be small.

Action should be uniform and harmonious, priorities for. The frequency is about 140 per minute.


2.Fundamental Method - One - fingered Zen

Action Request:


Foot therapist to take the seat or upright position, sitting request chest pull back, waist straight to keep the upper body decent, not arched waist. Feet flat and stable shoulder and shoulder width; station request to T-step for the standard gait.


Shen Jian: shoulder muscles to relax, a natural drooping shape, the shoulder slightly forward forward 15 ° ~ 30 °, even if the armpit can accommodate a fist.


Elbow hanging in the shoulder and thumb support under the natural sink, the request elbow joint tortuous 90 ° ~ 120 °, elbow point to the bottom, and the elbow below the wrist, the forearm in the supine position , Palm face down.


Hanging wrist: the wrist in the natural hanging down in the twists and turns, asking the bottom of the radius and the top of the metacarpal base at the base of the wrist was 90 ° ~ 110 ° angle, the wrist to the radial side slightly higher than the ulnar side.


Palm virtual: request in addition to the thumb outside the other four fingers were natural entanglement, holding an empty fist, do not pinch.


Fingers: ask the thumb to sit on the index finger of the second interphalangeal joint, and cover the fist, with the thumb of the thread surface or partial frontal support in the treatment of the acupuncture points, and the thumb axis and the treatment site is straight .


Action process:


Top step: attitude preparation, hanging wrist, hand empty fist, thumb natural focus.

The second step: the thumb from the song straight (from the bit to the straight position), wrist swing.

The third step: the thumb from the straight song (from the straight position to the commissioned position), wrist inward swing.


Action method:


The law of the request of the swing frequency is usually 140 to 160 beats / min, internal and external swing when the request action natural, circulation, smooth, not beating, hard to soft and soft, soft for the request, light but not floating, heavy but not Stagnation. In the operation of the process, pay attention to not shrug and folder axillary, thumb and tortuous index finger can not pinch, the other four fingers can not force fist, swing wrist and thumb can not rotate, the thumb has to "suck" in the treatment of parts , Can not be dragged in the skin surface or conflict, to reach the "level flat suction set" request.




This law applies to all parts of the body, especially the most common head abdomen. Commonly used in coronary heart disease, epigastric pain, headache, facial paralysis, myopia, irregular menstruation, cervical spondylosis, arthritis and other medical treatment and health care.


3.The fundamental method - rub method

Rub method can be divided into palm rub method, intermarry rub method, intermarry rub.


Action Request:


(1) Shen Jian, elbow, wrist straight, parallel with the forearm, finger straight or slightly bent.

(2) arm force, to shoulder as the fulcrum, forearm movement of the forearm to move back and forth or up and down reciprocating motion.


Action method:


(1) gas sink pubic region, breathing evenly natural, not breath.

(2) hard smooth, uniform series, usually out of the effort is slightly larger, come back slightly smaller.

(3) rub law moving faster, the frequency of 100-120 times per minute. Mobile ups and downs, based on different parts of the treatment, mobile ups and downs as much as possible.

(4) before the operation can be partially modified in the appropriate massage medium, both to protect the skin from damage, but also allows deep penetration of heat, improve the healing effect.

(5) after the completion of some skin may have mild redness and other phenomena, it is not appropriate to use other methods of treatment.




Wipe soft and warm, can be used for all parts of the body is more flat. While the palm rub method for the shoulders and back, chest and abdomen and flank ribs, with the warm meridians, dispel the spleen and stomach, broad chest and other effects of qi; intermarry rubbing method for limbs, with Huoxuetongluo, swelling and pain, Small fish intercourse method warm effect is strong, applicable to the back waist and lower abdomen, with warm blood, cold-dispelling table, Zhuang Yao Jian Shen and other effects.



Fundamental methods - wiping and rubbing

(A) wiping method


The wipe method is divided into the palm wipe method and the thumb wiping method.


Action Request:


(1) Shen Jian, vertical elbow, one hand or two palm face, thumb face close to the skin.

(2) upper arm force to the shoulder joint as the fulcrum, the forearm of the forearm palm or thumb to manipulate the mercy of the upper and lower or arc-shaped curve reciprocating movement.

Action method:


Hard to even soft, smooth it, not heavy suddenly neglected, not forced to press.




Wiping method is an adjuvant method, often as the beginning of massage therapy or boil the end of the method. Wiping method has Kaiqiao Xingnao, eyes and soothe the nerves, Shujinhuoxue, Sanyu swelling, Tongluo pain and other effects. Palm wiping method applied to the chest and abdomen, lower back; thumb wipe applied to the head, neck and palm.


(B) rubbing method

Action Request:


(1) Shen Jian, hanging elbow, hanging wrist, with both hands palm or palm of the hand Department of relying on the Department of treatment site.

(2) before the back of the force, after the wrist to move his hands quickly twist knead, together with the top-down or bottom-up slowly moving.


Action method:


(1) force should be uniform and soft, light gradually from the weight, speed from slow to fast.

(2) action light and harmonious, connected rhythm, fast rubbing slow moving, up and down back and forth 3 to 5 times.




Rubbing method can be used in conjunction with the kneading method, often used as a finished method for limbs, flank and waist. The method has Shujing meridians, harmonic blood, release spasm and other effects.

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