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Foot massage what precautions

Foot massage what precautions

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Today's society, because we work under pressure, making foot massage more and more by our favorite. Because it can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep and a series of advantages, but you know in foot massage need to pay attention to what matters, the following by me for us to introduce foot massage needs attention to the question!

Foot massage

Foot massage eight major issues to note

Foot massage is a common way of leisure and health, it can improve blood circulation, enhance immunity and a series of advantages on the role of the body, but not the same age, foot massage is not the same, because the small For us to introduce foot massage when the need to pay attention to some of the issues to prevent the foot massage when we do not meet the question.

1, massage preparation

Massage must first cut a good early from a nail, the nail short cut to prevent the foot in the process of other people's skin scratches, with the soap will wash hands, will be the massage of the feet are also cleaned with the majority . After the love of massage milk or Vaseline oil modified in the body part of the massage needs, so can make the massage even more smooth, prevention of abrasions and massage were massage the skin.

2, was massage before the massage to relax

Massage was first to use hot water foot bath, so can play a stable mood, relax the role of the mind, after the feet, the massage were supine in bed, massage sit around the knee covered with a towel, and then will be massage Of the foot on the knee.

3, reflective pain points

Foot of the acupuncture points of many massage before each acupuncture points to determine the reflex point of the reflex point pain. The top of the ball can be used to see the top of the rod, such as bar bar quietly, how the patient felt as painful thorn, then the acupuncture points is the pathology, the demand for massage.

4, the old man massage

The skin of the child is thin, the meat is tender and tender, the bones of the old are brittle and crumbly, and the joints of the old people are also stiff. Therefore, when massaging the old people and children, they can not use too much force. Can reduce the strength, to prevent damage.

5, foot period do not stop

Some patients with chronic diseases, the need to take drugs, in contact with the foot when the drug can not be privately stopped, according to the physician's command to take drugs, if the system with the treatment of foot massage, then, but also other conditions have improved And then based on the doctor's advice to reduce the dose and frequency of medication.

6, special patients

Patients with certain diseases, massage time should not be too long, such as kidney disease patients, heart disease, diabetes patients, each time they massage should not be more than 15 minutes, of course, if you can contact the foot treatment of diseases, can choose foot therapy with treatment.

7, massage, drink water

Massage to pay attention to timely replenishment, the best in half an hour to make up for 500 ml of warm water, but the edema of patients, kidney disease, heart failure patients can not drink more than 150 milliliters of water.

8, one hour after a meal should not massage

Many people like to eat foot massage after a meal, but, within an hour after a meal is not suitable for massage, this time the impact of the massage will have on the stomach, in addition, if you feel excited, very tired when the body should not do foot therapy.

Foot massage is a way of leisure and health, but in the foot massage when there are some precautions, the above is that we explain some of the foot massage for some of the needs of attention to the matter, I hope we foot massage When the cocoa better enjoyment.

Foot massage five major effects

Foot massage has a very long history, can improve the body sleep, beauty and a series of advantages. But what are the advantages of foot massage in the end? Xiao Bian today for us to briefly introduce the advantages of foot massage, a loving brother let us take a look at it!

1. Promote blood circulation. In general, the body temperature and blood circulation are closely linked, low blood temperature is low, the body temperature also increases the blood circulation will be strong. Foot can improve the foot blood circulation, increase skin temperature, and then promote the foot and systemic blood circulation; improved cardiac function, decreased cardiac load. Some people have done a test, a healthy person massage feet for 30 minutes, the body's blood flow increased 10-13 times for women, men 13-18 times. Visible, hot water foot can make blood circulation smooth and improve.

2. To promote innovation. Foot therapy to promote the foot and the body's blood circulation, because the amount of blood circulation to add, and then conditioning the excretion of various glands within the excretion of various hormones, such as thyroid hormone excretion of the adrenal gland hormone, etc., these hormones can advance Innovation.

3. Elimination of fatigue. When the human body fatigue, the first presentation of poor blood circulation of the foot, metabolic end products, calcium salt, lactic acid micro-crystals and other material accumulation. When the body of an organ function is not normal or sick, because of pathological reflex, so that the foot of the blood circulation is more bad, more simple occurrence of deposits. After a day of vigorous exercise in athletes, each kilogram of blood evenly rich in 30 mg of lactic acid, massage feet 30 minutes later, the blood collection view, about 5 mg, by a foot bath time, blood lactic acid decreased by about 20 mg, To return to almost no fatigue when the blood lactic acid levels. Visible, hot water foot is the most simple and effective way to eliminate physical fatigue.

4. Improve sleep. Foot has a rich nerve endings and capillaries, feet on the nerves and capillaries have an excellent role in Wenwen. This warm effect is reflected to the cerebral cortex, the cerebral cortex to inhibit, is the exciting sympathetic smooth transition to the parasympathetic nerve. After the parasympathetic stimulation, this time people in a quiet rest, and then improve sleep, eliminate insomnia.

5. Health and beauty, brain and brain care. Through the foot, can regulate the meridians and qi and blood. Together, foot blood vessels to expand, blood volume added, and then make the head blood flow acceleration, timely enough to make up the oxygen and nutrients the brain needs.

Conclusion: foot massage as the first now very popular leisure regimen, broad foot lovers may also have a lot of foot massage is not too much to understand what we can bring to the advantages, which Xiaobian here for our brief explanation of the foot treatment Massage the advantages of hope that the broad foot lovers can better enjoy the foot massage effect.

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