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A Brief Talk on the Classification of...

A Brief Talk on the Classification of Hairdressing Chair and Conventional Chair

2016-10-31 14:43:10 浏览次数:802

Hair special chair: generally with a hydraulic pump conditioning height, lifting. Other features such as rotation. Generally these plans are mainly for the hair and hair stylists to provide convenience to the hair stylist from a different point of view, a high degree of customer hairstyle planning to try to figure out and appreciate.

Salon chair features raw materials: hair chair base generally five-star, turtle line foot, Shan Jun feet, round, square and other shapes. Hair Chassis Chandra raw materials such as stainless steel or stainless steel. During which relatively high cost of raw materials, stainless steel base. Leather chair, leather chair, leather chair, foam chair, etc., According to the use of classification: work chairs, dining chairs, chairs, wooden chairs, , Bar chairs, lounge chairs, lounge chairs, chairs, etc. Occupation: Hotel chairs, bar chairs, restaurant chairs, cafes chairs, working chairs, etc.

According to the physical properties of classification: insulated chairs, anti-static chairs, conductive chairs and so on by the layout of categories: fixed wooden chairs, fixed four-legged steel chair, with lifting five-star claw wheelchair with five-star claw fixed feet.

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